Thank you Volunteers!

Registration to volunteer is now closed.
If you signed up to volunteer, please read the following:

  1. You will hear from us on FEBRUARY 15th with your assignment.
  2. We have a limited number of Volunteer Passes. They are going to people who are assigned to work more than 6 hours at the event. Please be prepared to purchase a Festival Pass in the event that you are asked to volunteer for less than 6 hours.
  3. If you are counting on volunteering in order to attend WOWPS, please email Women of the World Poetry Slam 2016 Volunteer Coordinator Cecily Schuler at CecilyWOWPS@gmail.com with your circumstances.
  4. If you get assigned work that qualifies you for a pass, and young not need (ie you have or are willing to buy a festival pass), please respond to your acceptance email saying you are not in need of a volunteer pass, and we will redistribute to someone who is relying on it.

Thanks, fam. We are so excited to have you.

Volunteers: please email any questions or concerns about volunteering to WOWPS2016 Volunteer Coordinator: Cecily Schuler at CecilyWOWPS@gmail.com