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Women of the World Poetry Slam
Team Leader

MaryCae is a New Jersey artist with a traveling heart.

She competed nationally, representing LoserSlam on teams 2011 & 2013, coached the LoserSlam team in 2014, and as their 2011, 2012, & 2014 WOWPS rep.

She was on the Photography Team for National Poetry Slam in Boston, and has been shooting local and national Poetry Slams since 2009.

In addition to Web & Media Director for Women of the World Poetry Slam 2016, MaryCae is leading the WOWPS2016 Photography and Social Media teams. In New Jersey, MaryCae is on the committee for Loser Slam in Red Bank, NJ and an affiliate of Women of Song in Central New Jersey, an annual show to benefit 180 Turning Lives Around. When not poeming, MaryCae is planing poetry events, photographs poets and landscapes, sculpts mud into pottery, and builds tiny homes on wheels in her daydreams.

Photo credit: Pure Enchantment Photography

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arianne headshot.jpgArianne Benford
WOWPS Photographer

Arianne Benford is a photographer that lives grain, blur, and emotion. She has been photographing since she was a small child and had studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, Mills College among others. She has received fellowships to the New York Studio Program and Photomanhattan for her photographic work. As a photographer and photo-editor she has served on the staff of America Magazine, Time Inc Content Solutions, and F News. These days she mainly photographs events with a photojournalist bent and for exphrastic purposes as Arianne is also a poet, visual and spoken.

Divider City12834726_10209063066635810_781837995_nCoco Decker Media
WOWPS Photographer

Coco is a freelance creative focusing on photography, design and poetry in Seattle, WA. Focusing on portrait and event photography, they love to experience the world through the lens of their camera. Their work has been featured at the Seattle University Spectator as well as in the Capitol Hill Times.Divider City

12341414_10207151885893783_3909272674384458166_nDesiree Feliciano
WOWPS Photographer

From the quiet and forgettable depths of New Jersey, where I was mistakenly born. I am a fine artist engaged in several mediums including digital and film photography, illustration, drawing, painting, textiles, videography, and numerous others. I find the most joy in experimenting with new mediums and documenting my train of existence. These expressions are an attempt to understand myself and the human condition hopefully inciting in others the appreciation and curiosity I have for all people.
I most enjoy photographing those closest to me interacting with each other and within their environments. I also love to photograph local shows, mostly basement/underground type shit. Ya feel.
The most inspirational photographers to me are Nan Goldin and Nobuyoshi Araki.

Divider Cityunnamed.jpgNÍVEA CASTRO
WOWPS Photographer

Nivea Castro photographs events and the soulful beauty in people. She has had the honor to photograph the famous, the talented, and the extra-ordinary.

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Valerie Jane Kwok
WOWPS Photographer

Hello there! My name’s Valerie, I’m 18 years-young, I was born and raised Hong Kong, and I’m currently in my first year studying the BFA Drama program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. I’ve been photographing since I was about 14, entering my high school’s photography team and picking up the skill from my peers. Since then, I’ve served as the Arts & Clubs Executive Member of the Canadian International School of Hong Kong’s Photography Team for two years, where I was in charge of organising and shooting events or productions related to the arts or extra-curricula going on throughout the school, as well as teaching basic photography and Photoshop skills to younger students. Having also founded the Marketing Team for theatre productions that happen at my school, I’ve extensively photographed performances for most of my photographic career, empowering the performing arts with increased visibility and representation within the community. In more commercial spheres, I’ve completed a week-long fashion-web design internship with Lane Crawford in 2013, and most recently I worked with a local flash tattoo and jewellery boutique in Hong Kong called KOOKII B as their photography intern this past summer. I’ve always described myself as an ‘avid lightchaser’ – I think the the name really fits my photographic approach. If I can channel the vitality of a moment in both spirit and colour, I’ll be very happy with my job. I look forward to shooting WOWPS as my first major assignment in New York, and I’m honoured to have the privilege of capturing the glory of these female poets and their words over this weekend!

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12015185_929339360479876_883077808345963456_o.jpgDavid Hong
WOWPS Photographer

I have always been fascinated in capturing movement and emotion. It’s the main reason I enjoy lifestyle photography. As a spoken word poet myself, I feel the need to capture and share the passion that is behind every performance to inspire anyone who sees them. I practice many other disciplines of photography (landscape, street, fashion, still-life, etc.) as a graphic designer at Bowen Media, a New York based creative agency. I describe my photography as dynamic honesty. I enjoy showing raw moments in the most engaging way. In a world full of hate and disgust, I like to remind folks what beautiful looks like. I put my heart and soul into capturing the right moments, and I just hope others appreciate it.

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Carlos Khalil Guzman
WOWPS Photographer

Carlos Khalil Guzman is a native New Yorker who took an interest in photography at a young age. His simple yet sophisticated style derives from the idea that our planet itself is a work of art and photography is only an instrument that enables him to capture its beauty. He is an avid reader and when not shooting he spends his time writing poetry. He is about one thing: simplicity and capturing moments that will last a lifetime always maintaining the humanity and natural beauty of his subjects.

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Justin Leo
 Rivera Photography
WOWPS Photographer

We’re a highly-qualified professional photography studio. Experienced in various types of photography, including weddings, head shots, family portraits, commercial photography, and lifestyle shoots, we’re known for our distinctive perspective and ability to bring out each subject’s independent expression of the self. Our goal is to capture the unique quality and personality of every individual we photograph.

Divider Cityunnamed.jpgMaurice J Photos
WOWPS Photographer

I am  a Premiere Philadelphia Photographer. Before declaring myself a photographer, I always seemed to be behind the camera. As a kid I had my mom and dad’s camera was the “photographer” or “videographer” for birthdays, proms and numerous other events. At the age of 17 I shot my first wedding, and my work was well received. At those times I never knew the basics of photography, even after shooting events being a “photographer” wasn’t a thought. It wasn’t until my wife recognized my passion and potential. She brought me my first very own camera. With that camera came my first Photography job, I started to study my craft and the rest is history…

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