Poetry Slam

Women of the World Poetry Slam 2016, Welcome to Brooklyn, New York. We are the WOWPS BK  Planning Committee and we will be your hosts for the event. The poetry slam is a competition invented in the 1980s by a Chicago construction worker named Marc Smith [“So what!”] in which performed poetry is judged by five randomly chosen members of the audience. Poets have a few minutes to present their original work. The judges will then score the piece anywhere from 0 to 10, evaluating such qualities as performance, content, and originality. The high and low scores of each performance are tossed, and the middle three are added giving the performer their score. Points are deducted for violating the time limit. We beseech the judges to remain unswayed by the audience—audience, try to sway the judges—and score each poet by the same set of criteria, ignoring whatever boisterous reaction your judgment elicits. Audience: Let the judges know how you feel about the job that they are doing, but be respectful in your exuberance; there could be no show without them.

What is Poetry Slam?

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What is Women of the World Poetry Slam?

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