Preliminary Bouts

What is the format for WOWps? 

WOWps is a uniquely structured event and PSi is happy to have modified the typical 3-minute poem format for this tournament. Each poet reads two poems on each preliminary night.

On the first night of bouts, the order in which the poets perform in both the first and second rounds is randomly assigned by a draw (which takes place during registration).

Each bout consists of twelve poets, who have been divided into two six-person competition groups (Group A & B), as well as a calibration poet for each round.

Poets read a four-minute (or less) poem in the first round. In the second, they read a one-minute (or less) poem. On the second night of competition, poets will read against a different slate of poets and most of them will be in a different venue.  In the first round, they will read a two-minute (or less) poem. In the second round, they will read a three minute (or less) poem.

At the conclusion of each poem, the poet will

receive a ranking of 1-6 based on placement within competition groups.

For clarity, this is what a bout would look like:



Group A

Poet 1

Poet 2

Poet 3

Poet 4

Poet 5

Poet 6

[Please note, Poets 1-6 are only competing against the other poets in their group and will receive a rank of 1-6 after each round.]

Quick Break!


Group B (same MC, BM, & Judges as Group A)

Poet 7

Poet 8

Poet 9

Poet 10

Poet 11

Poet 12

[Please note, Poets 7-12 are only competing against the other poets in their group and will receive a rank of 7-12 after each round.]

Bout Over!

***All poets perform in the first round, then all poets in same group perform in the second round with a calibration poet between rounds.***

Please see SCHEDULE for Preliminary Bout times and locations.